Blox Fruits | GUI - Auto Saber, Auto Farm & More!

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Vehicle Simulator GUI 5952

Vehicle Simulator GUI

A good GUI for racing and farming, there are such functions as-farm, car settings.
Fruit Juice Tycoon Refreshed [Simple Auto Farm] 444

Fruit Juice Tycoon Refreshed [Simple Auto Farm]

Fruit Juice Tycoon Refreshed. An excellent farming script that will pick up fruits and make products by itself
Venture Tale [AutoRetry, AutoReplay] 334

Venture Tale [AutoRetry, AutoReplay]

Venture Tale. Execute after you join a dungeon. New nice and cool script. In this script there are such functions as - Auto-Replay dungeon on completion, Auto Retry on a Fail.
Anime Fighters Simulator 3426

Anime Fighters Simulator

Gui for farming-mobs all functions in the screenshot